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Diamond jewellery has become an everyday wardrobe staple that is no longer reserved for special or formal occasions. Our comprehensive diamond jewellery education and information guide is perfect to help you for any occasion. We show you the different types of styles engagement and wedding ring, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

For over hundred's of years, engagement rings for women have been a staple part of any proposal. They are a symbol of love and dedication from a man to a woman. More recently, to reflect a more equal society, engagement rings have become popular for men too. They're also often worn by both partners in a relationship, not just those who have been proposed to.

One of the most important steps in buying an engagement ring is determining your ring type. We show you a variety of engagement ring styles from classic solitaires to modern tension rings. Whether you are looking for a modest, traditional ring or something flashier, we have an informative and comprehensive guide on the ring type just for you to view from.

A wedding ring is a sentimental band of beauty that celebrates your union. A diamond wedding band is a perfect reminder that your future will continue to shine and is a symbol of love and your commitment to each other.

Selecting the perfect wedding ring can be a difficult task. Considering all of the options for ring designs, metal type, diamond quality, and sizes can be a bit intimidating. With a distinctively beautiful wedding ring. View from our guide of a myriad of gorgeous styles, including diamond, classic, eternity, carved or vintage wedding bands, to mark your everlasting love.

In our diamond necklaces and pendants guide see beautiful styles which can be available in platinum, white or yellow gold. Whether dressing up a casual outfit or for a fancy night on the town, a necklace is a wonderful accessory. From simple to ornate, We show you different variations of necklace and pendant styles.

A diamond bracelet is a simple jewellery addition that can have the most dramatic results. Set with diamonds, our extensive guide on intricate bracelets and bangles will help you choose so they sit delicately on your wrist to provide you with a touch of glamour and sparkle.

An unforgettable diamond and gemstone bracelet makes a dazzling statement piece. View Styles from bangle bracelets to tennis bracelets including a delicate chain with a diamond heart, diamond bracelets add extra shine for a special occasion.

There's nothing quite like a pair of diamond earrings. Ornate, eye catching and incredibly beautiful, they add a final touch of sparkle to any outfit. The essence of class and elegance, our diamond earrings guide shows different styles that will be her favorite new accessory she won't want to take off.

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