Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide

What could be less romantic than standing next to your fiancee in a jewellery store, negotiating with a salesperson about how much you are willing and able to spend on a diamond engagement ring?

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings.

There is a better way: purchase the diamond first, and have it set in a solitaire presentation setting. See 'Choosing A Diamond Solitaire Ring' & 'How to Buy Diamond Rings Online' below. After you propose, allow the recipient the option of later choosing a ring that suits their personal taste. The diamond you chose can easily and quickly be reset in a ring of the recipient's choice. This approach has the following benefits:

You maintain the surprise of "popping the question": One of the most memorable events in a couple's life together. Often, the person proposing feels ill equipped to choose a ring for their partner. By purchasing the diamond first (and having it set in a solitaire presentation setting) the element of surprise is retained while the anxiety of choosing the right ring is lost.

You remain in control: Buying a diamond is not a romantic process. It is a significant investment that requires careful research and budgeting. Standing with your fiancee in front of a salesperson is a poor environment for thoughtful decision making. By purchasing the diamond first (the largest component of the total cost of an engagement ring), you can privately decide what best fits your budget and needs.

Greater satisfaction for your partner: Chances are, your significant other does not enjoy the pressure of having to decide how much you should spend on a diamond either. Instead, allow them to focus on choosing a setting that they love, whether contemporary or antique, gold or platinum, set with sapphires or rubies, etc., knowing that from a financial standpoint, you have already taken care of the most important part of the purchase. Often, the recipient will decide to keep the presentation setting permanently, since the classic solitaire showcases a diamond better than any other style and works with every wearer's personal style.

Better selection: Even a very large jewellery store will have no more than a few hundred diamonds to choose from. Many will have fewer than twenty. The diamond you purchase can later be set in virtually any ring, creating a one of a kind style that you won't see on anyone else's finger.

The ability to customize your ring: A custom jeweller would be happy to take a diamond you purchase from a reputable jeweller and design a ring to showcase it. Consider allowing your fiancee to design something original, instead of settling for what the jewellery store has in the case. The design process can be both romantic and creative, especially with the cost of the diamond removed from the process. If you originally proposed using a solitaire setting, the jeweller can even use the gold from that setting in the creation of a custom design.

Purchasing the diamond separately saves you money: By purchasing the diamond from a diamond seller, you will pay 20-40% less than you would at a traditional jewellery store. The savings on the diamond may actually pay for the setting.

Choosing A Diamond Solitaire Ring

The diamond solitaire engagement ring has always been a timeless and classic choice. Although this iconic setting type compliments any diamond shape, there are some factors to consider when picking one. Let's see how to choose a diamond solitaire ring that dazzles with its simplicity and beauty.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond solitaire rings.

A Diamond Solitaire Ring

A diamond solitaire is a type of ring that contains a single diamond without any extra diamonds or other gemstones around the centre stone or the shank of the ring.

In general, the term "diamond solitaire" can be referred to all jewellery types, including earrings and necklaces, with just one diamond. In other words, this simple and clean design is about the centre stone.

It is also worth mentioning that nowadays, the term "diamond solitaire can also be referred to as rings featuring a single centre diamond and a pave band. In such a case. solitaire is used to indicate that the ring features just one centre stone without extra stones around it.

The diamond solitaire is a classic and timeless engagement ring design that has been around for decades. In fact, diamond solitaire rings are the most popular engagement rings given. As well as engagements, solitaire rings are beautiful gifts to celebrate special occasions such as an anniversary, a birthday or any personal accomplishment.

Choosing A Diamond For A Solitaire Ring

Choosing the right diamond is probably the most important in terms of a solitaire ring. Diamond color, clarity and cut are the key factors.


If you want to save some money, it is not worth paying a premium for colorless round diamonds. In most cases, near-colorless stones graded H, I or J will look the same to the untrained eye.

However, if you are buying an emerald, asscher or princess cut diamond, it makes sense to opt for G, H, or I color range as yellow tints are more visible in them.


Diamonds with FL (Flawless) or IF (Internally Flawless) clarity grade look impeccable, but they are also expensive.

If you do not need a perfect stone, you may take a look at diamonds in VS (Very Slightly Included) or SI (Slightly Included) range since these stones will look eye-clean from an average viewing distance.


The cut quality is a crucial factor, as the way a diamond is cut and polished affects how it will reflect light and how much brilliance and sparkle it will show.

If you do not want your diamond to look dull and lifeless, skip the stones with Fair and Poor cut grades. For a solitaire ring, it is highly recommended to have a diamond graded at least Good and preferably Very Good or even better Excellent. After all, the cut is the deciding factor for how brilliant your diamond will look.


Solitaire engagement ring styles vary depending on the shape of the diamond. While the round diamond is the most popular choice, there is a variety of cuts/shapes for every taste.

For example, the princess cut is the second most popular style for a solitaire ring due to its modern look. Step-cut diamonds such as emerald and asscher are perfect for those who want to emphasize the clarity of their stone, while the oval and marquise are sophisticated shapes for romantic individuals.

Choosing A Setting For A Diamond Solitaire Ring

With solitaire rings, you typically have two settings to choose from - prong and bezel.

Diamond Solitaire Ring Settings

Diamond solitaire ring settings.

The prong setting uses four or six prongs to hold the diamond in place, while the bezel setting encircles the diamond with a thin metal frame.

The advantage of the prong setting is that it leaves more of the diamond visible, allowing more light to enter the stone. However, prongs are less safe and need to be regularly checked for damages. The bezel setting is safer, but the downside is that it covers more of the stone and makes it look a bit smaller.

Choosing A metal For A Diamond Solitaire Ring

The choice of the metal in a solitaire ring determines how the diamond looks relative to the setting and how quickly its parts wear down.

While choosing the metal, you should consider your diamond's color. Remember not to have a diamond with visible yellowish tints set in a ring made of platinum or white gold, as white metals tend to highlight the yellow in the stone due to the increased contrast. In the case of diamonds with yellow coloration, yellow or rose gold will be a better option as the metal's color will mask the yellowish tints of the stone and make it look whiter against the mounting.

As for the durability of the metals, platinum is one of the most durable options available: however, platinum rings are also among the most expensive. If you still prefer cool-tone metals but want to stay within your budget, white gold may be a good alternative. In case you prefer warmer color metal such as yellow or rose gold, be aware that rose gold is more durable due to the strength of the copper alloy.

Pros & Cons Of Solitaire Engagement Rings

As the most popular engagement ring design, solitaire is a beautiful choice for those with a simple and elegant style. However, like every ring setting, the solitaire has its advantages and disadvantages:



Buying Diamond Rings Online

Nowadays, many people skip going to physical jewellery stores. You can buy everything remotely, but with a big purchase, you might wonder if it is safe. While the short answer is yes, the information covered in this article will help you to understand how to buy diamond rings online.

Is Buying A Diamond Ring Online Safe?

Buying diamond rings or loose diamonds online is a bit trickier than doing so in person. The main reason is that you do not see the actual stones while shopping. Of course, you can see the color, clarity, cut grade and other specifications of the diamond you are about to buy listed on the website, but being able to see the actual stones in person would give you a better understanding of how each of them would look. Not to mention, diamonds of the same quality grade may look completely different.

That is why if you are buying diamond rings online, it is recommended to choose reputable jewellers that make online ring shopping a safe choice. A good jewellery website will have high-quality images, often videos of the actual diamonds and finished products.

Make sure the diamonds you are going to buy online are accompanied by a diamond certificate issued by a reputable laboratory. This certificate ensures that the quality of the stone has been checked by an independent third-party organization specialized in gemstone grading. In other words, the report is a guarantee you are getting what you are paying for.

Reputable jewellers always ship their products via trusted delivery companies, provide you with a tracking number and insurance, and require a signature upon delivery in most cases. All these measures ensure you will not be out a penny, in the rare event that your diamond ring gets stolen.

Such vendors also have excellent return policies. If you do not like how the ring and the stones look when worn, the terms should allow you to return the piece within a certain period. However, it is worth stressing the importance of reading the policy of the store because terms may apply, especially in the case of custom made rings.

How To Buy Diamond Rings Online

Set a budget

Once you have found a jeweller you trust, the first thing to do, even before starting to look for a design, is to set your budget. Think about what you can afford to spend, it will help you save your time and efforts. It is important to make sure you are not bringing unnecessary financial stress into your life which is why you should remember to account for both a ring setting and the diamond(s).

The setting typically has a set price. However, it may vary based on the materials used, for example, platinum or gold. The diamond prices will vary considerably more as they are calculated based on the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat), the presence of fluorescence, brand name and more.

Do not forget that your total budget includes the prices of both the finished ring and fees.

Choose your setting type

After you have set your budget, you can think of the setting type you prefer. There are countless setting options available online, but your ring setting style should be based on personal preference.

Diamond Ring Online Setting Types

Settings types.

Have your ideas ready for the initial online consultation, so the consultants can get a sense of your preferences. It is also very helpful to note the things you don't like. At Essilux, we are committed to providing you with the best education and information available so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Choose a diamond

The first thing to do when choosing a diamond is to decide on its shape. Although the most popular diamond shape is round, you should consider what shape you need to match the ring setting type and overall design.

Diamond Ring Online Choose A Diamond

Choose a diamond.

Since you already have some budget for the diamond(s), it is easier to work with the carat range you can afford. However, the main thing to focus on is the cut quality of the stone. The cut is the biggest indicator of a diamond's beauty and should be made a priority over the other characteristics, so if you choose Excellent cut grade diamonds the carat weight choice will usually narrow down.

The next step is to set a diamond color depending on the metal you chose for the setting. If your diamond will be set in platinum or white gold, the color minimum should be I color, any lower than that will show yellowish or brownish tints. However, there is an exception to the above recommendation. If you are going to have your diamond set in a setting other than solitaire (side-stone setting, pave setting, halo setting, etc.), the minimum should be H color. If the diamond will be set in yellow or rose gold, you can go as low as J, K or even L colors.

The next step is to decide on the minimum clarity range. To have a stone that looks clean to the naked eye, set the lower end of your clarity range at SI1.

Another important decision is whether to buy rings with diamonds that have already been set or buy loose diamonds and have them set in the mounting. The advantage of buying loose diamonds is that you can see stones from all sides and notice any flaws easily. On the contrary, when the stone is already set, the mounting can hide some visible flaws of the stone. This is fine as long as you do not take the stone out. But if someday you decide that you want another mounting, it may not conceal the diamond's imperfections so well.