What Are The Colored Diamond Colors?

Whether you're looking for vibrant green or yellow diamonds, delicate pink diamonds that are perfect for a romantic gift, stately gray or black diamonds, or chameleon diamonds that are sure to inspire amazement, we guide you about rare colored diamonds in a variety of hues, tones and saturations.

In our informative guide we show you how colored diamonds come in a variety of shapes, including classic shapes such as round, princess, and marquise, as well as in a variety of non-conventional shapes that maximize the stone's natural color.

We show that colored diamonds are of the highest quality and are extremely rare, having been created by organic processes over millions of years.

As color values are the most important factor in determining prices for colored stones, our diamonds guide will show the standardization of color parameters. These include measurements of the hue (which represents the stone's primary shade) tone, (which measures the penetration of light), and saturation (which gauges the intensity of the color.)

Colored diamonds are inspected by the world's leading gemological institutes and come with a certificate that testifies to the origin and authenticity of each stone, in addition to listing the diamond's unique characteristics and color qualities.

Colored Diamonds By Color

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