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Fine Jewelry Warranty

Unveiling Essilux's Fine Jewelry Warranty

The Essilux Heritage

Essilux is synonymous with luxury and excellence in the world of fine jewelry. The company takes immense pride in offering jewelry made from 100% authentic untreated natural-colored gemstones unless explicitly specified otherwise. Our gemstones stand out for their unparalleled quality and value.

Quality Assured by Independent Laboratories

Essilux gemstones are a testament to nature’s artistry. They remain untouched and unaltered by artificial treatments unless explicitly specified otherwise, preserving their natural beauty and allure. Each gemstone’s unique color is a reflection of nature’s craftsmanship.

Upon request, independent laboratory certificates from reputable institutions like GIA, can be provided for all diamonds and colored gemstones, although additional fees may apply.

Navigating A Warranty That Speaks of Confidence

Warranty Coverage

Essilux offers a warranty that covers each piece of fine jewelry for defects in manufacturing. This warranty underscores Essilux’s confidence in the craftsmanship of its products. However, it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions that apply.

It’s important to note that Essilux’s warranty does not extend coverage to include gemstones and gemstone art. While the warranty comprehensively addresses various aspects of fine jewelry, including manufacturing defects and damages, specific exclusions pertain to gemstones and any artistic enhancements applied to them.

Customers should be aware that these elements fall outside the scope of the warranty, and any issues related to gemstones or their artistic treatments may not be eligible for warranty service. This clarity ensures that customers are well-informed about the extent of coverage provided by Essilux’s warranty.

We will break down the warranty terms for fine jewelry, covering everything from damages to repairs and replacements.

The Initial Steps: Damage Evaluation and Returns

If you encounter any damage attributed to manufacturing, initiate contact with Essilux for a thorough evaluation of your piece. Customers worldwide are required to provide a $50 deposit fee before shipping their item to Essilux for evaluation. This deposit covers shipping costs and an expert jeweler’s evaluation to determine warranty eligibility.

Transparent Pricing and Warrantied Repairs

Should your repair fall under the warranty, this deposit fee is refunded in full for all warrantied repairs. Essilux assures free shipping for all warrantied repairs back to the customer. 

However, repairs not covered by the warranty will incur a quoted price for customer approval before any work is performed.

If approved, the deposit initially taken will be applied to cover the repair costs. In the event a customer opts not to proceed with the repair, the deposit fee will offset the return shipping charges post-evaluation.

Warranty Coverage: Repair or Replacement

Essilux commits to repairing warrantied damages or replacing the item at no additional cost if a warranty issue is identified. It’s imperative to note that having repairs or services done by a jeweler other than Essilux will void the warranty.

Understanding Exclusions and Limitations : Normal Wear, Activities, and Trauma

While Essilux’s warranty is comprehensive, it’s vital to note its limitations. It’s crucial for customers to be aware of these exclusions and limitations.

All fine jewelry can be affected by normal wear, activities, or trauma. This is especially true for rings, since hands are actively used and subject to daily pressure.

Essilux’s manufacturing warranty excludes coverage for wear and tear, physical or accidental abuse, loss of gemstones, product loss, or theft. This encompasses issues arising from normal wear, daily activities, or accidental trauma.

Coverage also excludes damage or loss caused by a failure to obtain the repairs required to preserve the integrity of the jewelry.

Common Jewelry Issues and Exclusions

Some common jewelry issues not considered manufacturing defects include discoloration caused by chemicals or immersion, wear and tear of precious metals, and prongs catching or bending over time. It’s also crucial to recognize that the loss of a gemstone due to everyday wear or other damages is not covered.

Additional Protection: Independent Insurance

Essilux recommends maintaining independent insurance coverage for significant damage, loss, or theft. 

In essence, navigating Essilux’s fine jewelry warranty ensures that you make informed decisions about the care and protection of your precious investments. Understanding the warranty terms empowers you to enjoy your exquisite Essilux jewelry with confidence and peace of mind.

Warranty Validity

Essilux’s warranty is valid only when serviced by our experts. Any improper repairs or warranty services performed by unauthorized entities will render the warranty null and void. This highlights the importance of entrusting your jewelry to the experts.

Essilux absolves itself of any responsibility for consequential or incidental damages resulting from a violation of the written or implied warranty of this item, including aspects related to its suitability for a specific purpose or its marketability.

Legal Rights and Additional Protections

This warranty grants customers distinct legal entitlements. Additionally, their rights may differ depending on the specific regulations in their country. For more details on how to access our warranty service, we encourage you to get in touch with our Customer Service Department at

Your Gateway to Luxury

Essilux stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of fine jewelry. Our commitment to untreated natural-colored gemstones, unless explicitly specified otherwise, backed by independent certifications, ensures customers get the best.

While our warranty covers manufacturing defects, it’s crucial to understand the terms and limitations to make the most of it.

If you’re looking to adorn yourself with timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship, Essilux is your gateway to luxury.


Essilux gemstone are untreated natural-colored gemstones, renowned for their quality and value.

Essilux provides independent laboratory certificates from esteemed institutions for all their gemstones.

The warranty covers defects in manufacturing for fine jewelry. It's important to note that Essilux's warranty does not extend coverage to include gemstones and gemstone art.

Yes, the warranty does not cover excessive wear, physical or accidental abuse, loss, or theft.

Essilux recommends maintaining independent insurance coverage for significant damage, loss, or theft. 

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