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Shipping Information

The Hassle-Free World of Shipping and Returns with Essilux

When it comes to purchasing jewelry or loose diamonds, a seamless and transparent shipping and returns policy is of paramount importance. No one wants unexpected expenses or complications when receiving or sending back a precious purchase.

Essilux, a name synonymous with quality and trust in the world of fine jewelry, understands this concern and takes every step to ensure that customers enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Essilux's Transparent Approach

At Essilux, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We appreciate your business and are pleased to offer fully insured free shipping. But what sets us apart is our transparency.

There are no hidden fees or additional expenses that will be added to the cost of the item at any point. Essilux believes in keeping things straightforward, so you won’t encounter any unwelcome surprises during the purchase or return process.

Consult Local Tax Authorities

While Essilux is committed to offering a hassle-free experience, it’s essential to consult with your local tax official to see if any import duties and/or VAT are required in your place of residence.

Essilux cannot be responsible for any duties, VAT, taxes, or surcharges levied by the customer’s country.

Fully Insured Shipments

One of the hallmarks of Essilux’s service is that all orders are fully insured before shipping. This ensures that your purchase is protected from any unforeseen circumstances, giving you peace of mind.

Swift Shipping

Essilux understands the excitement of receiving your jewelry or gemstone. Our shipments usually take between 7-9 business days after we receive the final payment for the order.

However, please note that shipping times may vary depending on your country. To get the most accurate information, check with us.

Shipping Address Requirements

For a smooth transaction, ensure that you provide a proper shipping address, telephone number, and the name of the receiver before the sale is complete. Essilux cannot make shipments to P.O. boxes.

No Shipment Until Full Payment

Essilux is strict about our policy: no item is shipped until the full payment has been received. This protects both you and Essilux in ensuring a secure transaction.

However, an order is only considered completed once the final payment is received by Essilux. Keep in mind that if any changes are required, such as resizing or engraving, the shipping may be postponed.

Every Item Comes with an Invoice

To maintain the utmost transparency, every item shipped by Essilux comes with an invoice if one has been requested. You’ll have all the necessary documentation for your purchase.

International Shipping

Essilux goes the extra mile by offering shipping worldwide to most countries. However, there are some countries where local restrictions prohibit the import of gemtones and other high-value items.

In such cases, additional costs may apply. Don’t hesitate to contact the Essilux team at if you have any questions about shipping to your country.

Receiving Your Order

Given that most of our items are crafted to order, the time between placing your order and receiving it will vary depending on the specific item. All shipments are handled through FedEx, scheduled to reach you on or before the expected delivery date indicated in your order confirmation.

Some orders may even arrive earlier if they are ready. Rest assured, you’ll receive an email confirmation once your order is dispatched.

In the rare event that your order is tampered with or misplaced during shipment, it’s crucial to report this to Essilux within 5 days of receiving your tracking number.

No Guarantee of Exact Arrival Date

While Essilux ensures a specific time frame for shipping, we cannot guarantee the exact date of arrival. Different countries have different importing regulations, which are unfortunately beyond Essilux’s control.

If you encounter any shipping delays, Essilux’s dedicated sales representatives will do their utmost to rectify any problems for a quick and hassle-free delivery.

International Shipping Responsibility

Essilux offers international shipping from our offices to the address provided by the customer. However, in the event that a shipment is held or stored with a carrier or by customs, Essilux will not be responsible.

If fees are applied, the customer will be held responsible for paying the charge to have the shipment released. If the shipment must be returned to Essilux for any reason, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the returning shipment. 

Our Commitment

Essilux takes great pride in offering customers a seamless and transparent shopping experience. Our commitment to fully insured shipping, various shipping options, and a customer-first approach ensures that your purchase arrives securely and promptly.

While Essilux cannot control all aspects of international shipping, we go the extra mile to rectify any issues and make your experience as smooth as possible. 


Yes, Esssilux offers free shipping to most countries, but some restrictions and additional costs may apply in certain regions.

If you need to make changes, such as resizing or engraving, after completing the transaction, please contact Essilux promptly. Depending on the nature of the changes, it may affect the shipping schedule.

Yes, once your order has been shipped, Essilux will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this number to monitor the status and location of your shipment.

While Essilux cannot control all aspects of international shipping, our sales representatives will do their best to help rectify any problems for a quick and easy delivery.

Essilux is transparent about its costs, but it's recommended to check with your local tax official regarding any potential import duties or VAT. Essilux is not responsible for these additional charges.

In the rare event that you receive a damaged or incorrect item, please contact Essilux immediately. We will guide you through the return process and ensure a swift resolution.

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