What Are The Colorless Diamond Shapes?

Diamond shape refers to a diamond's physical form, and is often one of the first attributes that couples consider when shopping for a diamond. While round diamonds are the most popular choice, many couples are also drawn to the distinctive look of non-round, or "fancy shaped" diamonds. Fancy shaped diamonds include princess, cushion, emerald, asscher, radiant, oval, pear, and heart shaped diamonds. Each diamond shape has its own unique characteristics and is cut to different specifications, which impacts the overall look of the stone.

Some diamond shapes are cut to optimize light return. These are referred to as brilliant cuts, and include round, princess, cushion, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, and heart shaped diamonds. The facets on the pavilion, or underside, of these diamonds meet at a point, which ensures maximum light return. Other diamond shapes are cut to highlight the clarity of the diamond. These are referred to as step cuts, and include asscher and emerald shaped diamonds. These shapes feature parallel facets on the pavilion, which offers a subtle shimmer while accentuating clarity.

Diamond shape is often confused with the cut, which is one of the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat). Though diamonds are cut to create different shapes, and different shapes may lend themselves to either brilliance or clarity, the term "cut" refers to the way light is reflected throughout the individual stone through its facet arrangement. The cut of the diamond determines light refraction and sparkle and scintillation. When selecting a diamond, we recommend choosing a diamond with a cut grade of Very Good and above (Very Good, Ideal and Super Ideal) to maximize sparkle.

Colorless Diamonds By Shape

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