Yellow Man-Made Diamonds: What To Know

Reputable jewellers yellow lab-created diamonds are optically, chemically and physically identical to yellow earth mined diamonds, but are offered free of conflict and on average 10% of the cost. They are available in a color range from fancy yellow to fancy vivid yellow, in sizes up to 2.00 carats and a variety of shapes.

Both mined and lab-created yellow diamonds get their color from nitrogen. While diamonds are made up of carbon, impurities within the stone exist. It is the introduction of these impurities, in this case nitrogen, that will ultimately give the diamond its yellow color. As a diamond grows, nitrogen atoms will sometimes replace a carbon atom within the diamond's lattice structure. Once light enters the diamond, the nitrogen will reflect back yellow light.

Yellow Man-Made Diamonds

Yellow man-made diamonds.

By controlling the amount of nitrogen during the diamond's growing process, the color of the finished diamond can be selected. The more nitrogen in a diamond the yellower it will be. Too much nitrogen and the diamond will start to appear brown. "Getters" are used during the growing process to capture excess nitrogen within the growth cell. By using getters, we can grow yellow diamonds with the most desirable gem-quality colors.

Many lab-created diamonds are offered in yellow and orange/yellow colors. A lab-created diamond gets its orange color from the solvents used during the growing process. These diamonds are grown in a metal molten solution. The orange comes from solvent trapped in the diamond lattice itself during the growing cycle. These solvents, combined with the nitrogen trapped in the diamond's lattice structure, give the diamond its orange/yellow color.

Deciding on which color of yellow or orange/yellow diamond to buy is purely a personal choice. The ranges we provide fall between the most commonly grown and purchased colors.

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Yellow Man-Made Diamonds Color Levels

Yellow man-made diamonds color levels.

Growth Time

It takes five to six days for one cycle in the growth machine to produce enough rough to cut a 1.00 to 2.00 carat finished yellow diamond. The nitrogen left in during the growing process that gives a yellow diamond its color actually helps the diamond grow faster than any other color.

Price Comparison

Fancy yellow colored diamonds are fairly rare in nature. Yellow lab-created diamonds cost about 75% less than their mined equivalents. Lab-created yellow diamonds are the most abundant because they are the easiest of the colors to grow. As a result, they are also the least expensive. Lab-created yellow diamonds range in price from $3,000 to $5,000 per carat. earth mined yellow diamonds can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

Available Shapes

The majority of yellow diamond roughs grow in a truncated octahedral shape. Square shapes, like radiant, princess, asscher, cushion and emerald, are typically used to yield the most from the rough. Round shaped diamonds are also available. Due to the square nature of the yellow rough, elongated shapes like oval, marquise and pear are not typically produced.