How To Measure Ring Size: Ring Size Chart

We have two methods descibed below for you to establish your ring size:

Method A - Request For The Ring Sizer

This is by far the most accurate way of determining your ring size. For a hassle free experience in identifying your ring size, please contact a reputable jeweller to request a ring sizer. Most will ship the ring sizer to you when they receive a request.

Method B - Use A Ring Size Chart

Here is a method with illustrated steps and a size chart which will be very helpful in determining the ring size you will need. You can make use of either a small piece of string or a tape in order to measure the area which will be occupied by the ring. Please make sure you follow the steps explained below in the images carefully. A ring that fits well will be just smaller than the second knuckle of the finger. This way the fit is comfortable but it will not slide off the finger:

Ring Size Chart

Step 1

Ring Size1

Cut a strip of tape/paper strip/string.

Step 2

Ring Size2

Wrap the tape/paper strip/string around the finger you intend to wear the ring on.

Step 3

Ring Size3

Hold the tape/paper/string in a way that it tightly wraps around your finger.

Step 4

Ring Size4

When the piece of string or tape becomes a complete circle around your finger, make a mark at the point on the tape/string.

Step 5

Ring Size5

Use a ruler to measure the length of the tape/paper strip/string.

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Ring size chart.

Check your ring size measurement with the international ring sizes chart to determine your ring size. If your size seems to sit between two sizes displayed then you'll go with the higher of the two sizes.